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      Yang pays as much attention to hospitalized patients as she can. Every morning, she would lead the doctors in the department to make ward rounds, understand the situation of the patients in the whole ward, timely communicate with the doctor in charge of bed and explain the matters for attention, so as to ensure that every patient could get the best treatment during the hospitalization. "As a doctor, only those who practice medicine with benevolence, consideration for patients and consideration for patients can better treat patients and relieve their mental and economic burden." Giudice lc said. The city's fifth People's Hospital in the three departments are mainly for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients here to see a doctor mentioned director Yang Jing, not a thumbs-up praise. Some patients not only seek Yang Jing's medical treatment by themselves, but also introduce their families and friends to Seek Yang Jing's medical treatment. Yang Jing wins the patient's trust with superb medical skill and noble medical ethics. Of course, the local government has some practical difficulties, such as the gap between the two pilot areas and the sense of urgency that the higher authorities urge to complete the conversion of farmland to forests by August 31. But the more so, the more we need to pay attention to ways and means in carrying out our work. Local experienced cadres said that it is not too late to plant trees in September after the wheat and rape are mature. It may be a better choice to use more brains, communicate actively, report the situation to the superior truthfully, and apply to plant trees after wheat and rape harvest. For people in Inner Mongolia, returning farmland to forest is a good policy. If we can deepen the mobilization work, refine the supporting measures, and implement the compensation arrangement, the growers should understand and cooperate. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the masses involved should accurately grasp the social mentality and emotions of the masses, give full consideration to the personal feelings of the law enforcement objects, standardize the enforcement of law enforcement, enforce the humanized law enforcement, flexible law enforcement and sunshine law enforcement, do not engage in rough law enforcement, &ldquo, and entrust &rdquo. The local government has once again enlightened local governments that they should pay attention to overall planning and coordination in their work, exchange early planning for real implementation, and intimate policies for people's peace of mind. In the process of administration, we should use more brain power, less brute force, more flexibility and more humanization. Only in this way can we truly do a good job of making the government at ease and the people happy. (Zheng Silin) In the breeding area, ye Jianlong also raised more than 20 rabbits, 40 chickens, 10 sheep and 3 cattle, realizing the separation of breeding area, planting area and residential area. "I can sell more than 10 rabbits this year. Each one can sell more than 100 yuan and more than 40 chickens. Each chicken can be sold for 130 yuan. I can earn about 3000 yuan by breeding alone." In recent years, ye Jianlong has done a good job in the Sanmiao project. His neighbors have followed him to learn how to grow vegetables and fruits. He will also give patient guidance. Wuman wuhashayi is a neighbor of Ye Jianlong. He usually lives in animal husbandry and doesn't often go home. Recently, I stayed at home, Seeing that the child was safe and sound, the shocked couple cried with joy: "thank you very much! Thank you for saving my baby! &The couple said that they would take good care of their children and never let such things happen again. "It's hard to park in the community now, there are few places for leisure and entertainment, and the greening rate of the community is not high..." This is a problem reflected by the residents to the community at the meeting hall of "red property" of Jinshan North Road community, Jinshan Road Street, Altay City. According to the demands of residents, community leaders and residents work together to study solutions. Such meetings have been held in the community for many times to solve 16 problems involving community health and infrastructure. Zhang Ying, temporary Deputy Secretary of the general Party branch of Jinshan North Road, Jinshan Road Street, said: "the conference hall of" red property "serves as the Red Alliance

      "In the three years of junior high school, he has achieved stable results in the top ten. He has won scholarships for six times and earned 18000 yuan. In addition to various competitions, he now has 560000 yuan." "Mom, I'm very curious. Why do the students spend so much energy on learning, reciting and memorizing words, ancient poems and words, and I can remember them by flipping through them. Can they answer correctly in the exam?" Fu Jingchen once asked Wu Qing. When he was three months old, his mother bought him his first book. When he was 9 months old, he would talk and walk when he was 1 year old. With a strong inborn gene, Wu Qing attaches great importance to Fu Jingchen's intellectual enlightenment from the age of 0 to 8. "He has been treated as an independent individual since he was born. He is a sensible little life." In his works, Zuo Tangquan first took a broad view and discussed Hanzhong, the birthplace of bronzes, from the grand background of geography and history. He quoted the Xinhua news agency as early as February 10, 1992 as saying: "a batch of Paleolithic tools were unearthed in Longgang temple, Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province. According to the expert identification, these Paleolithic artifacts are more than 1.2 million years old, which is earlier than the Lantian ape man site." Therefore, in the "Shaanxi ancient history exhibition", the Shaanxi History Museum solemnly launched the cultural relics of the Paleolithic age in Liangshan, explaining to the audience that the history of Shaanxi started from Liangshan in Hanzhong. There are three signs of cultural maturity in academic circles: first, characters; second, urban living style; third, bronzes. Because human evolution began with making and using tools. The emergence of bronzes marks the great progress of productivity and the dawn of human civilization. Both Chinese and foreign anthropologists agree that bronze is the symbol of human civilization.     

       "The experience of working in banyan village is precious." Su Jiangning said, "although I have returned to work in my original unit, I will try my best to continue to fight against poverty    

         However, the patient's mood is not stable, psychological pressure is a little big. According to the patient's situation, Yang Jing formulated a comprehensive treatment plan including physiological treatment, psychological counseling, drug therapy. Yang jing said that the symptoms of this patient have a new clinical name, called "double heart medicine", is also a hot spot in recent years. "Double-heart medicine" on the one hand refers to the patient's organic heart disease, on the other hand refers to the patient's psychological problems. For such patients, comprehensive treatment should be given priority, the primary disease of patients should be treated with drugs, on the other hand, psychological counseling should be provided, and antidepressant drugs should be used when necessary. Yang pays as much attention to hospitalized patients as she can. Every morning, she would lead the doctors in the department to make ward rounds, understand the situation of the patients in the whole ward, timely communicate with the doctor in charge of bed and explain the matters for attention, so as to ensure that every patient could get the best treatment during the hospitalization.   

         Guo Dajin said that at the critical moment of Zhaotong's decisive battle to shake off poverty, Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. showed concern and love for Zhaotong's economic and social development, fully reflecting the spirit of state-owned enterprises. Since last year, decisive progress has been made in tackling poverty in Zhaotong, major breakthroughs have been made in comprehensive transportation, and significant progress has been made in the construction of modern industrial system with plateau characteristic agricultural industry as the main industry. In the next step, it is hoped that the two sides will strengthen docking, broaden fields, deepen cooperation, meet the successful end of the 13th five year plan, lay a solid foundation for a good start of the 14th five year plan, and help Zhaotong speed up the realization of "the rise of Northeast Yunnan". Gu Yue said that Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. will continue to improve its political position, give better play to the spirit of responsibility of state-owned enterprises, better refine the cooperation plan, closely integrate with the local economic development plan, further deepen the cooperation field, do a good job in insurance services for Zhaotong poverty alleviation, industrial development, Rural Revitalization and other aspects, and jointly open a new chapter of win-win cooperation.   

         According to Zhaotong daily, on July 23, 2018, the Zhaotong preliminary competition of Yunnan division of the national amateur chess king competition and the "three Ding Cup" junior chess king competition came to a successful conclusion in Zhaotong. Fu Jingchen, a player from Zhaotong No.1 middle school, won the title of the men's group, which is the second time that he won the title of Yunnan junior chess king last year. The women's chess king was won by Duan Yidan, a player from Honghe Mengzi No.2 Middle School. The competition is a nationwide chess and card promotion project in hundreds of cities, counties and townships, aiming to promote the intellectual development of teenagers. After two days and nine rounds of fierce competition, Zhaotong player Fu Jingchen lived up to expectations and won the title of young men's chess king. Fu Jingchen, 17, began playing chess at the age of 8. He won the second place in the National Junior chess championship and the young chess king of Yunnan Province.   

        It's rare that I can play chess so well, but I haven't delayed my grades at all. Fu Jingchen's predecessor, Cui hang, who also graduated from Tsinghua University, expressed such feelings in his circle of friends. However, why is Cui hang not like this? Both career and hobby are the life goals that many people dream of! The biggest advantage is memory and logical thinking. The chess board often needs to think about the complex disk. Although the human brain can't reach the computing level of the computer, it plays an important role in logical thinking. Usually after the game, we have to resume, which requires a strong memory. In the long run, it has a very positive impact on his memory. The training was carried out in a joint way, with 70 party activists from 5 streets participating in the training. Centralized training can maximize the utilization of training resources and training effect, enhance the working linkage between the party working committees of all streets, and let each other learn from each other, promote each other and improve together in their work. The teacher's explanation in simple language enables students to grasp the party's basic theory, basic line and basic knowledge, and at the same time, deeply understand the party's nature, program, guiding ideology, purpose, tasks and missions in the new era, further correct the motivation of joining the party, firm the communist belief, and cultivate the patriotic feelings of the party. Students also visit the red culture and education base - "August conference site" to deepen their understanding of party history, revolutionary history and new China history through on-site teaching. In the recent stage of online drama market performance, one of the bright colors is that it has achieved considerable progress and development. Whether it is suspense dramas such as game of ten days, secret corner, investigation of Chinatown, sighing bridge and other suspense dramas trying to touch a more solid core of realism, or industry dramas such as rebirth, blame you for being too beautiful, crossing the line of fire, etc., to have insight into reality and extend vision, or era dramas with different theme elements such as "sideburns are not red crabapples" and "Longling Grottoes", etc

      In order to let outdoor workers such as sanitation workers, takeout workers, express delivery brother and other outdoor workers have a cool summer, recently, the "staff post station" of Shuifu City Federation of trade unions officially launched, and launched a month long "love freezer" summer drinks free delivery activity, to send a cool and caring for outdoor workers. At present, there are two "staff post stations" in Shuifu City, namely, the first floor of gaotan Federation of trade unions and the service center for party and mass activities. The purpose is to provide outdoor workers with a place to prevent heatstroke, keep warm from the cold, drink and rest, and solve the problems of drinking water, dining, going to the toilet, resting and surfing the Internet, so that they can truly feel the warm care of the "workers' home" organized by the trade union. Jialepak village of Jiete Aere town is close to Fuhai county. The two committees of the village make full use of the geographical advantages and actively guide the villagers to grow vegetables. And in the stage of centralized marketing of vegetables, timely release of sales information, customers can order by phone, not only solve the problem of market supply, but also solve the vegetable farmers' vegetable sales problems. At present, 13 vegetable farmers in the village are planting in stages according to the market demand, and supply all kinds of vegetables to the local market all year round. Because the vegetables are fresh and reliable in quality, they are well received by consumers.     


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